नितिश कौन?

About Me

I am a South Asian (recently turned) American residing on the US East Coast.

Born and brought up in North India. Adulted in the US.

This is my digital space where you can find out what keeps me busy.

Evolutionary Biology

I have worked at the intersection of DNA and Evolution throughout my academic and professional life.


I lean on SQL as often as I can and prefer PostgreSQL most of the time.


I am a Linux geek. A distro-hopper and sysadmin on the side.


These are a few projects that I am currently involved with.


I support a number of research projects focused on evolutionary biology and biodiversity using large-scale genomic data.


The web application provides an intuitive and efficient framework for professional and amateur myrmecologists to visualize the known distribution of ant species or higher taxon


I am part of the team that manages the arthropod collection data, ecological metadata, and genomic sequencing data generated by the Okinawa Environmental Observation Network.